Sunday, July 9, 2017

Old Friends

For the last several years I’ve begun to wonder what friends truly are. Many would say they are people who you enjoy the company of or know personally, but I think that is a fallacy bred through technology. I say this because there are several people I know I like to spend time with, but that is a momentary thing. I can drink and eat and have conversation with these people, but is there more than that. After all, I’m aged. I grew up in a time when you had to ride a bike across town to see someone or pick up a phone to call them. There was an effort there which no longer exists. Video chatting, text messages, unlimited data, facebook, twitter, and so on all contribute to a sense of separation more than joining. By this I mean that far more people know what’s going on with my life than ever before, but there’s no communication there. There’s no commitment of time. It’s a scanned posting or a few impromptu messaged words of greeting; not a conversation. But what I truly enjoy is the face to face. It’s the hug of a greeting, the truth I see in their eyes, and their body language which I’ve learned to trust. It’s the smile that I notice now along with their desire to do it again and follow through with that promise. Of course, time is the equalizer and the ferryman always comes due, which seems gets in the way. However, there are a few friend whom I rarely see that will always be a part of me, more than any emoji could convey. To them, I give my heart and my every living breath because you have made my life worth living in many more ways than you can even begin to comprehend. Those few are my friends, my soul.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Weekly writing challenge

Doing a bit of a weekly writing challenge with a dear friend of mine. The best part is it's only a paragraph so it doesn't take much time, yet you must convey a complete thought based on a single word. Last weeks subject was 'Aging'.

Here's what I wrote.

 Aging: I’m a scientist. I understand the gravity of my situation. I comprehend what my demise entails. I know the agony I will endure. And I know it will last for centuries, possibly across millennia. Even now, I witness the rest of the universe evolving about me; decades in a single heartbeat. I am torn by these thoughts. I am ravaged by sorrow knowing that generations of my offspring will die before I finish a single long sigh; before a tear touches my cheek. In fact, before my death, my world may vanish as my star becomes a red giant and swallows my planet; my birthplace. I wonder if this has already happened and whether the screams I hear at night are the echoes of its passing. I don’t know, but it’s something I endure each time my eyelids drift shut. I am weary of this knowledge. Yet, through another set of eyes, my death will last an eternity, though that’s not how I see it. From where I stand, my moments are no longer than yours. In fact, our clocks ticks at the same rate and my years burden me just as they burden you, though from a different perspective. The difference is you move far slower than I do so your death occurs in the blink of an eye whereas my death may come when the universe finally collapses upon itself. That would validate my findings and be a proper ending for me. That would be the ultimate culmination of my life's work while providing me the title of my final thesis. I only hope my transmission reaches listening ears as I look beyond the event horizon into the coming darkness.

 And another one:

Space: Clickity-clack go the wheels as the train jostles us in unison; swaying our crowded bodies like wind through a field of wheat. I know this feeling. I do this every day, yet today I’ve ridden three stops past my normal station. I do this not because I’m forgetful or preoccupied, but rather on a whim; on a hope. At moments I believe this a dream, though I have pinched myself painfully to ensure it is not. Rather, I do this for you, though I don’t know you’re name. Unlike my normal boring commute, you’ve intoxicated me. Whether it’s the sweet smell hair or the dry scent of your perfume, you’ve aroused me in a way I’m barely been able to control. Maybe it’s simply the sexy snicker on your face as you sheepishly look up at me as we’re pressed closer together. Whatever it is, I’m yours. All you have to do is but ask and I’d walk to the ends of the earth to see your simple smile, to taste your tantalizing lips. Yet, right here and right now, I await the next changing of tracks so the oscillation eliminates a little more of the space between us.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

My life as an editor

First of all, I hate it. Editing is mundane and tedious. It grates on my nerves like sand in my shorts. But like all things as an author, it's a necessity. It just doesn't mean I have to like it. On that note, I'm continuing with Mage of Chaos, book 1 of #ShadowGodsSeries. However, I'm kind of doing 2 edits in one. First, I'm doing corrections off feedback from a proofreader. Second, about forty pages back, I'm doing a indepth read-thru for smoothness and making some minor changes on flow. So far, this seems to be working out well and hopefully when I'm done it won't need further edits. At least that's the goal.

That's it for now, though check out my books on Amazon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Per the Norm

During my last post I stated I'd finished the first edit of Warrior of Chaos, book 3 of my #ShadowGodsSeries. In reality, this was a lie. My first edit is a full edit with massive changes, but also includes an additional read-thru with some tweaks in parts. Last week, I completed this second pass-thru and have now printed it off for review. Then I immediately moved onto formatting books 4 and 5 of the series, Brothers of Chaos and Times of Chaos. During those few hours, I reviewed the content of the books and began to remember the full story that I wrote so long ago. With that down, I'm back to doing the second edit of book 1, Mage of Chaos.

On another note, I started to think about my two unfinished books, Opal (of the Stone Vengeance Series) and Child of Need, a stand alone novel based on the occult. Maybe someday, I'll be able to come back to them.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Done for Now

Because of some lingering thoughts concerning the final three chapters of Warrior of Chaos, book 3 of #ShadowGodsSeries, I did some more editing and cleanup. From just reviewing a few paragraphs in my memory, I knew it wasn't right and endeavored to correct these misgivings. Now I'm done with the book. I can set it aside and go back to book 1, Mage of Chaos, and edit that for a third time. Granted, I'm already 61 pages into the edit already, but there is a lot of work still to go.

In many ways, a book is never really finished, but rather exists in several versions. At least that's the lie I tell myself as I'm publishing it. LOL