Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mage of Chaos: Theory on Magic - pt.2

Though this is just a summary during Moordikiin's earlier years, he saw the future. However, he wasn't prepared for what the future would bring. And he paid little precaution to the eminent disaster his discoveries would bring.

Moordikiin’s Premise: During the past century or so, great strides have been made in the area of magic as Dilmoth predicted. No longer must a mage use his own body’s energy to create an envelope of time thus slowing energy to create matter, but he's able to use energy, time, and his mind in harmonic unison to harness the three into matter. The use of symbols has now become wide spread along with adjoining sign and speech. The symbols are based upon the original symbols of the individual gods and therefore imparting different powers and aspects of magic. In the beginning, symbols were unreliable, as Dilmoth claims, but through the years the materials from which the symbols are created and the drawing of the symbols themselves has increased their reliability thereby increasing their power. However, no symbol ever created by man is perfect and therefore can be un-made. Only those symbols created by the gods themselves are perfect and unbreakable except by another god, even if that were possible.

This refinement of symbolic recreation has been accomplished through several recent discoveries and some reverse logic on the part of myself and other magic users. With this done, magic users of today are able to tap into other hidden resources concerning both time and energy. Still, other mages are experimenting with power in order to lengthen the average life span and are even able to practice minor healing methods many thought were only within the ability of clerics. The next several decades will present some very exciting times within the mage community.

Mage of Chaos: Theory on Magic - pt.1

Though a giant in his time, Dilmoth's understanding of magic is flawed for many reasons. Nevertheless, the established the groundwork for the future which we hope comes to fruition in my lifetime.

Dilmoth’s Magic Premise: Magic, true magic, not the sleight of hand as seen through charlatans, is the ability of the mind to construct material objects out of raw energy. This is done by using the body’s own energy and subconscious mind to create an envelope of time to slow energy, thus forging it into matter. Of course, once this envelop of time dissipates, the matter returns to its natural form of pure energy. However, the use of the body’s energy is a direct reflection on the total life energy of the person. As energy is used, the body will age more quickly. This accounts for the shortened life span of the more powerful mages.

Creating the envelop of time is a long and involved process requiring deep concentration, a strong will, and steady nerves, because one slight error can have catastrophic results. Some of these problems have been recently solved through the use of symbols which focus one’s inner power in the creation of the envelope. However, these symbols are unreliable and create other problems with the focusing of energy. This wasn’t always the way, but due to the destruction and loss of much of our knowledge of magic during the Wizard Wars, we constantly seem to be reinventing the wheel concerning magic and its uses. There are efforts to recreate what we’ve lost, but the process is slow and tedious. Maybe, if all of the magic community works together, we can hope to solve many of these problems, but the future of magic is still unclear.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Mage of Chaos: Theory on the Gods - pt. 3

Then, of course, there's Zol Dacklock. Read what is below and it should explain everything. After all, arrogance is a learned trait and Zol gained it from someone by the bucket full.

Zol Darklock’s Premise: Though I concur with the logic behind Moordikiin’s premise and Dilmoth’s theory, I am an atheist and therefore give little credence or validation of either view. Gods are of little use to me. I believe in the use of time and energy in order to satisfy one’s goals. If those goals require the presence of a god then so be it. Mine do not. If, at such time, the presence of a god will satisfy one of my needs then I may see fit to say thanks, but I will not worship the god like a slave for eternity.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Mage of Chaos: Theory on the Gods - pt. 2

Moordikiin sees Dilmoth as a parent sees an adolescent; someone with only a basic understanding of the world. In his opinion, Dilmoth does not see the underlying structure of the planes or is able to explain humanity itself, so therefore he cannot create a coherent explanation as to how everything interacts.

Moordikiin’s Theory: Though Dilmoth creates logical assumptions on the creation of the planes other than the Deity Plane. His fallacy lies within the Deity Plane.

How does energy create consciousness? Consciousness is an evolutionary process taking thousands of years. Did the gods go through the same evolutionary process or is there some other method of their creation? I believe there is, yet it requires an open look at chicken or the egg theory. Knowing and believing in the theory of evolution leads me to believe that we, in fact, created the gods. We are conscious beings able to manipulate both energy and time through our minds, though time manipulation is far easier. Still, we are barely reaching our bounds, so what else can the mind do that we are unaware of? I believe I can manipulate time to give substance to energy and therefore I can. Yet, it’s my own subconscious mind which determines my abilities. It’s the simple thought: I believe, therefore I can. And I can as long as I believe.

Now, I do not believe a single person can create a god, but a single person can sway thousands of people into believing there is a god. That being true, the combined subconscious of the many could, in fact, create a semi-omnipotent being which exists throughout time. If the belief of the many, in such a manner, can subconsciously create an omnipotent being then why can’t that being be the source of man’s creation if the many believe in that premise. Thus, man created the gods which in turn created man. Of course, the gods would need to exist throughout time and be far more powerful than man, thereby placing them in the aspect of the Deity Plane which is far closer to Energy than it is to Time.

As for the rest of Dilmoth’s theory on the gods, I concur.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mage of Chaos: Theory on the Gods - pt. 1

Now that we understand how the universe has been viewed by three very different scholars, we can take the next step into understanding the gods of the realm. Again, we start with Dilmoth and what he believes about the gods and their existence.

Dilmoth’s Deity Premise: Each god exists as a simple consciousness swimming in a pool of energy known as the Deity Plane. The plane, unlike ours, is primarily energy with little association to time. This gives the gods the ability to see past, present, and future through the use of energy. They use energy to manipulate time just as we use time to manipulate energy. However, the gods are without physical form unless manifesting themselves outside the Deity Plane. To do this, however, they must slow energy through time to create solid forms, yet even those are distorted when viewed. It could be compared to trying to hold a lantern steady in a gusty wind; in which the lantern is time and the wind is energy. However, with the energy they do have, they can create entire, yet bounded, planes of existence for their worshippers to exist upon within the Astral Plane, just as we are able to create material objects through conscious will. However, since the gods are not tied to time, as we are, the conscious creation of a plane, though taking a relatively short amount of time, can and do last forever.