Saturday, October 7, 2017

Big News!!!

So as I've gotten closer to publishing my #ShadowGodsSeries, I've had to contact my guy who does the covers and squeeze some time out of him because he's a busy person. Luckily for me, he's had some time the last few weeks and has finished all 8 book covers which I received today. This is excellent news and means publishing this series rest totally on my shoulders. I just have to get my ass moving and finish the last of the editing and formatting.

But first, my golf clubs are calling me!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The best character I've written

So what's the best character I've ever written? For me, that's not an easy question to answer.

Immediately, the one that comes to mind is Opus Wright from my #StoneVengeanceSeries only because I like his dark nature and the way people under-estimate him because of his appearance. But along the same lines, I find him simplistic and annoying which deters me from saying he's the best character I've written.

Then my mind switches to my #ShadowGodsSeries and Lord Storem. While he's also dark in nature, I love his motivations, the depth of his inherent nature, and his confidence. He has only one soft-spot and he fights against those feelings throughout the series because he hates to admit he has a weakness. Additionally, he's a man on a self-made pedestal who refuses to submit to anyone, even his god, at least until he meets Chalas.

Now Chalas is a character I truly love. If you want to talk about strong women, she's the one that grabs hold of me. She's the anchor, the one that holds the ship together by sheer force of will. She's the one that should lead but doesn't because she's a woman in a world where men still dominate. Yet, by the time the series gets half way through, she's the one setting the tone for everything that happens. She's the one who's logic can't be questioned, who puts Lord Storem in his place with a mere look, and who scolds her warrior husband with a wink. And in the end, she's the only one who figures a way out of the mess they've created.

Yet, is she the best? I'd have to say no only because one more character comes to mind. This person exists as only a footnote in #ARomanceNovel. He's at the end of the book and the reason why Cristina give Taylor a chance. His name is Connor and he has a gift, though some might call it a curse. Yet every time I read those few pages I get tears in my eyes. To me, he's the most powerful character I've written and I doubt I can even begin to explain why. I just feel him at the very depths of my soul because, if given a choice, I would like to be like him; to do good despite the damage it would cause me. As for the rest of the book, it's not my genre even though I wrote it. It does, however, explain who I am in many ways (an autobiography of sorts).

So while you can read about Opus Wright or Connor in books I've already published, you'll have to wait another month or two concerning Lord Storem or Chalas. That's when I plan to start publishing my #ShadowGodsSeries.

Monday, September 25, 2017


So I know that I was supposed to keep up with my weekly writing challenge, but I've been working on my #ShadowGodsSeries instead. During these past few weeks I've finished editing Mage of Chaos and am only doing a finally read-thru before prepping for publishing. I've also uploaded it to CreateSpace and did some formatting to ensure everything is right. Furthermore, I've done some changes to the rest of the series, cutting it from 9 books down to 8 so each of them has approximately the same number of pages. I've also contacted my cover artist and hope he'll be done with all the covers within the next few weeks. All this takes me away from my passion of writing, but its worth it. I need to get this done... woohoo.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Old Friends

For the last several years I’ve begun to wonder what friends truly are. Many would say they are people who you enjoy the company of or know personally, but I think that is a fallacy bred through technology. I say this because there are several people I know I like to spend time with, but that is a momentary thing. I can drink and eat and have conversation with these people, but is there more than that. After all, I’m aged. I grew up in a time when you had to ride a bike across town to see someone or pick up a phone to call them. There was an effort there which no longer exists. Video chatting, text messages, unlimited data, facebook, twitter, and so on all contribute to a sense of separation more than joining. By this I mean that far more people know what’s going on with my life than ever before, but there’s no communication there. There’s no commitment of time. It’s a scanned posting or a few impromptu messaged words of greeting; not a conversation. But what I truly enjoy is the face to face. It’s the hug of a greeting, the truth I see in their eyes, and their body language which I’ve learned to trust. It’s the smile that I notice now along with their desire to do it again and follow through with that promise. Of course, time is the equalizer and the ferryman always comes due, which seems gets in the way. However, there are a few friend whom I rarely see that will always be a part of me, more than any emoji could convey. To them, I give my heart and my every living breath because you have made my life worth living in many more ways than you can even begin to comprehend. Those few are my friends, my soul.