Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mage of Chaos: Theory on the Gods - pt. 1

Now that we understand how the universe has been viewed by three very different scholars, we can take the next step into understanding the gods of the realm. Again, we start with Dilmoth and what he believes about the gods and their existence.

Dilmoth’s Deity Premise: Each god exists as a simple consciousness swimming in a pool of energy known as the Deity Plane. The plane, unlike ours, is primarily energy with little association to time. This gives the gods the ability to see past, present, and future through the use of energy. They use energy to manipulate time just as we use time to manipulate energy. However, the gods are without physical form unless manifesting themselves outside the Deity Plane. To do this, however, they must slow energy through time to create solid forms, yet even those are distorted when viewed. It could be compared to trying to hold a lantern steady in a gusty wind; in which the lantern is time and the wind is energy. However, with the energy they do have, they can create entire, yet bounded, planes of existence for their worshippers to exist upon within the Astral Plane, just as we are able to create material objects through conscious will. However, since the gods are not tied to time, as we are, the conscious creation of a plane, though taking a relatively short amount of time, can and do last forever.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mage of Chaos: Theory on the Universe - pt. 3

As we continue on this discussion of the Universe, we discover that theories are meant to be either proven or dis-proven as knowledge is gained. Zol, the smartest mage of his time, disagrees with both Dilmoth and Moordikiin as he expands and corrects their basic principles.

Zol Darklock’s Theory: Though I have spoken to Moordikiin several times concerning the fallacies of his theory concerning the planes, he refuses to listen to logic. However, Moordikiin’s theory does have some relevance, though it creates an unseen problem which any man of his experience should have foreseen. Since the Negative and Positive planes exist side-by-side, what is to prevent them from coming together like the opposite polarities of magnets which would eventually, but instantaneously, destroy one another. This presents the existence of Grey Matter, a neutral substance lying between the two planes keeping them separated. This Grey Matter would be a plane where both time and energy are undefined, where both positive and negative planar material can co-exist within proximity. A plane like the Astral Plane, where Time and Energy exist at the will of conscious thought, not through the manipulation of either time or energy. This changes Moordikiin’s model moving the Astral Plane from between the material planes and ethereal plane to between the negative and positive planes. Therefore, the Astral Plane stretches from Time to Energy along all points. Through the use of the Astral Plane, both time and energy from the Negative Planes can be easily bridged and controlled within the Positive Planes. This also means the planes of Heaven and Hell exist within the Astral Plane by the will of the gods; not as Moordikiin theorized, but rather as suggested under Dilmoth’s original premise.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Mage of Chaos: Theory on the Universe - pt. 2

In continuing this multi-part explanation of the Universe, we move to Moordikiin. His passion for magic and need to discover the fundamental rules of the Universe led him to both study and refute Dilmoth's principles.

Moordikiin’s Theory: Dilmoth’s theory is fouled in several ways, but the most important reasons are: from where were the planes created and from what. He ignores the premise of which an omnipotent being may have existed before the rest of the universe. This leads me to believe in the existence of two additional points of presence and the existence of additional planes existing parallel to ours, yet having an opposite directional scope.
First, let’s look at the two points of presence to which I refer. They are Time and Energy, existing at opposing ends of the planes. Time can be described as the probable existence of everything without the energy to create it while Energy is everything in existence without the time to manipulate it. This theory functions if one believes matter is just energy existing at a set point in time. This can be and has been proven to some degree in multiple experiments.
Now, starting with energy, as we will travel away from that point toward time we will see if the theory has validity. As one travels further away for an energy source, for instance fire, the heat is spread out over a larger volume of space thereby dissipating its effectiveness though the same amount of energy exists. The same principle occurs between Energy and Time. As energy radiates outward toward time it dissipates and thus takes on physical characteristics. The further it travels away from the source and toward time the less energy exists in the given area while time becomes a greater factor. With this in mind, let’s view the order of which the planes exist. Starting with energy, the next plane of existence would be the Deity Plane where energy exists with very little reference to time. Therefore, the gods’ tremendous power and ability to see past, present, and future since time is very malleable in lesser amounts, and thereby allowing the Gods to appear omnipotent.
Further down the line are the Ethereal Planes. The energy has dissipated enough and time has a strong enough presence to change energy into matter. The Ethereal Planes of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth are actually the four states of matter, which are Plasma, Gas, Liquid, and Solid. Dilmoth, like the philosophers before him, described the Ethereal Plane as best they could by relating the four states of matter to their most common and relatable materials thus enabling the peasants to understand them.
Between the Ethereal Planes and the Living Plane exists the Astral Plane. This Astral Plane exists in a state of flux providing enough energy and time to create anything, yet dissipating the creation when no longer the focus. This plane also provides a conduit to the other planes of existence; those being Heaven, Hell, etc… which exist not within the Astral Plane but, in fact, bridging across the Ethereal Planes themselves by the power of the gods. The last plane of existence before Time is the Living Plane. Time exists as a near constant there. It is where energy has mostly become matter, therefore, time can be measured and energy can be easily manipulated into physical properties.
However, just as Time and Energy are opposites, so must our universe be the opposite of a parallel universe having similar yet opposite polarities. Therefore, I believe the Living Universe is actually a Positive Material Plane with an opposite Negative Material Plane existing on the other side of Time. This would also mean the existence of a Negative Ethereal Planes, a Negative Astral Plane, and a Negative Deity Plane. The main difference between the positive and negative planes is the flow of time, which would flow in the opposite direction of ours.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Mage of Chaos: Theory on the Universe

Like in every universe, including our own, theories develop on the creation of everything. These theories change as time elapses and science improves. In my universe where magic rules more than science and gods are known to exist, theories on the universe still get written and proven or proven wrong. In his time, Dilmoth was a man of vision, but his theories were only a stepping stone for others. I'll be laying those out over the next few posts.

Dilmoth’s Universal Premise: The universe consists of four separate and distinct planes of existence. They are the Prime Material Plane, the Elemental Plane, the Deity Plane, and the Astral Plane. The Prime Material Plane houses the existence of what humans call the Living Universe. The Elemental Plane is made up of material whose essence is fire, water, air, and earth. The Deity Plane contains the gods responsible for the creation of the other planes. Finally, the Astral Plane which connects the three cohesive planes together forming the center of a triangle. Within the Astral plane the Gods have created, using the material from the Elemental Plane, other planes such as Heaven, Hell, and all the other derivatives.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mage Of Chaos

Great news, Mage of Chaos, the first of 8 books in my #ShadowGodsSeries, has been published and is available on Amazon. My second book of the series is nearly halfway through it's final edit which I hope to publish in April as a birthday gift to myself. Though I'm a year or two late in publishing these, I'm glad I've reach this milestone.

Series Overview

There are two forms of existence; life and death. There are also two rules of existence; order and chaos. Of the four, my brother and I command the latter pair. We are gods. Of the former, we can only directly influence the dead as we powerlessly watch the living. As Gods, we are weak in the face of humanity, never allowed to interfere with them directly; a task left to our followers. I wished to change that. I wished to alter it and, almost unknowingly, I’ve already begun as my experimental paradox has spiraled out of my control. If I read the signs correctly, the shift in outcome creates a new God; one I will be forced to share my power with and who can take his power beyond our limits and boundaries. He will be a god who can affect the living directly. I cannot allow this to happen. I cannot allow this abomination to be created. I cannot allow the living to succumb to my mistake. I also cannot allow this separation in the equality of Gods. Therefore, I have devised a plan which places my paradox within a paradox. Like a mirror within a mirror, I hope to ensnare this would-be god in a paradoxical chaos of my own. Yet, despite my preparations, I’m not convinced that all my plans will succeed. That is why my best chance of success involves the biggest risk. For that, I need to steal my brother’s power for a moment. In order to do that, I need to convince him to shed his godliness, just as I plan to do, so we may affect the living world directly. Yet, how do we shed our godliness? We do it by forgetting we are gods and hope we rediscover what we truly are when needed.